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  • This paper cutter is made of high-quality steel and plastic
  • Alignment grid and ruler for accurate measuring
  • This paper cutter trimmer is perfect for offices, schools and etc
  • Ideal to cut Photo, Picture, Label, Card and more paper products
  • Available two sizes A4 and A3
  • Natural Rubber
  • Rubber Band can stretch up 7 times longer
  • They are Strong Elastic and Good Quality
  • Mix colour yellow brown, green, red, blue, white
  • Usage Tie money, Food, Hair, Package, Household, Office, Industrial, and Agriculture etc
  • Packing might different from above picture, but quanlity and price are guarantee in best value
  • Fine point permanent marker set is fast drying with no ink leakage
  • Permanent marker are ideal for detailed marks, drawing, coloring
  • Available 3 colors black/blue/red
  • Box designed with 12pcs 
  • It can be mounted on desk or table with the included clamp
  • 6 Different Vibrant Color In: Yellow, Blue And Red
  • Perfect For Use In Schools, Offices, Homes, Art Projects 
  • Smooth manual operation pencil sharpener
  • Quiet and classroom friendly
  • It is easy to use for school kids
  • 80 sheets per each colour flag
  • 3 colours sticky flag, total 240 sheets per pack
  • Writable on sticky flag surface
  • Adhesive and reusable
  • Size thickness 3'' inch and F4 Sizes
  • Easy to store vertically and horizontally
  • Durable design provides stability
  • Metal giant clip inside box to easy organise and filing 
  • The box contains various rulers and different rulers are used according to different needs.
  • Set includes 2 Triangle Rulers , 1 Pencil, 1 white eraser, 1 Straight Ruler , 1 Graphic Compass , 1 protractor , 1 graphite refills
  • Plastic case: durable, all tools are placed inside for easy carrying. The outer casing can better protect the tool
  • Excellent quality and durability​
  • Perfect for examination use
  • Suitable for covering and protecting your A4 size books, examination pad, story books and etc
  • Book wrapper is made from quality transparent PVC material which is highly durable and water resistance
  • 10 meter long x 34cm height 
  • Price per roll
  • 2 types Big diameter 4pcs per pack ; small diameter 10pcs per pack
  • Clear Adhesive Glue Designed for hot melt glue guns Glue Sticks
  • Suitable for bonding wood, metal, glass, fabric, floral foam, paper, plastics, ceramics and card
  • Standard diameter suitable for all hot glue gun
  • Suit for standard low / high temperature
  • 50ml per bottle
  • Solvent free-wasable
  • Fast dry and does not wrinkle paper
  • Suitable for paper and cardboards and more
  • Transparent in colour and washes out easily
  • Ideal for office use and ideal for children
  • Its triangular shape gives better control and comfort for children little fingers
  • 12, 24 colours, long colour pencils ;12 short colour
  • Special bonding (SV) to prevent breakage
  • Document organiser box file size 5"
  • Size 22cm height x 25cm length x 13cm width
  • Available colours red, blue, black, pink, green, orange, light green
  • Pocket title provided in both sided of the storage box file
  • Suitable use for home and office
  • Soft brown cover with name and subject label on the front cover for easy identification
  • This exercise book has 80/120/200 80pages
  • 8mm margin line printed clear on every page great for note taking
  • Whiteboard Cleaner to keep any kind of boards SPOTLESS
  • Removes stubborn stains immediately 
  • No alcohol, no chemicals and 100% friendly towards our environment
  • Suitable apply for whiteboard and blackboard
  • 150ml per bottle

Black chinese writing ink black

For use in calligraphy writing, sketching and drawing

Refillable ink for use with all types of pens with ink wells

Suitable for use with Chinese writing brushes

Blackness and permanent brilliancy

Can be use in all type of paper

  • Design use for all type fountain pen
  • Non-carbon
  • Available color black/ blue/ red
  • 50ml
  • Professional / Desk Display Calculator
  • Battery and Solar Energy Driven
  • Tilted Display
  • 3 Memory Keys Dark Grey 
  • Plastic foldable palette box, suitable for watercolors, gouache, oil, acrylic paints
  • Professional design - 20 wells
  • Ergonomic - comfortable grip of the paint palette box
  • Strong build quality tip will allow to draw lines
  • Unique shape text marker for a comfortable grip
  • Grooves on cap for ease of uncapping
  • 6 colours
  • 50ml per bottle
  • Solvent free-wasable
  • Fast dry and does not wrinkle paper
  • Suitable for paper and cardboards and more
  • Transparent in colour and washes out easily
  • Ideal for office use and ideal for children